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DJ for wedding Party Masters is Arizona’s premier entertainment service that specializes in mobile Disc Jockey entertainment. Our professional disc jockeys (entertainers) are knowledgeable, personable and interactive. Meaning, for any occasion (weddings, mitzvahs, corporate events, anniversary, birthday party, etc.), you will receive an experienced professionally trained and fully qualified “PME Certified”™ entertainer.

It is important that you receive the best entertainment value so your personal experience with our service is memorable. For years Party Masters has entertained thousands of satisfied clients throughout Arizona and it is our pleasure to continue to deliver and strive for excellence.


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Professional & Experienced

Prior to your event date your assigned entertainer (DJ) or a sales team member from our office will review your event in complete detail (schedule of events, announcements, music selections/requests, etc.) either in person or over the phone. Your assigned Party Masters Entertainment entertainer (DJ) will arrive at your event one to two hours prior to the start time on the signed agreement (no additional charges for set up or break down). This provides enough time to bring the equipment into the performance area and prepare for the event. Once the system is setup and tested your DJ will coordinate the order of events from the paperwork and/or conversation(s) you previously conducted. Each entertainer will be appropriately dressed (your choice) specifically for your event and ready to begin the music and entertainment program on time.

Our entertainers are fully trained to make announcements and play a variety of music that is appropriate for each changing moment at your event. Your DJ will get involved on the dance floor with you and your guests to either conduct specific events and/or teach specialty dances. The music selections will depend on the demographic and vibe of your guests. All of your music requests will be played at the appropriate time, however the vibe of your guests will dictate the style of music. We also have bilingual DJ/MCs (Spanish/English), if requested. Plus, a variety of International music per your request.

1st Class Customer Service

During your initial consultation, with one of our event specialist, you will be enlightened on previous events and the particulars of all of our services. With complete understanding of your personal needs, we will professionally construct a time line for your special event. From your first visit with us until the day of your event, every detail is planned for your enjoyment. Once your event planning (paperwork) is completed, an entertainer will be assigned. Your entire file will be provided to your assigned entertainer two to three weeks prior to your event date. With so many events happening each weekend, we do not want to overload the paper work and cause confusion. This system has proven success over the years with our staff members and it allows each client to receive our undivided attention. Approximately one to two weeks prior to your event date your assigned entertainer will contact you to review the complete details of your event. Following this routine will allow us the time to prepare for last minute requests or unknown surprises. Keeping the lines of communication and familiarity open between our clients, office staff and the entertainers is critical to the ultimate success of your event.

What You Get

Your assigned Party Masters Entertainment DJ will bring the following sound & lighting system to your event.

Our BASIC system consists of:

  • Two professional powered speakers on stands
  • A professional Mixer unit and computer (music library on computer)
  • A professional wireless microphone system (hand held) used during toasts and other announcements.
  • All of your requested music played at the times you choose by a Party Masters’ professional DJ.
  • Multi–color high effective LED lighting to enhance the dance floor area. (non-obtrusive)

Additional sound equipment and special LED lighting effects are available upon request. Tell us what you need and we will bring it. Additional fees may apply.

FREE Online Event Planning Tools available 24/7

With Party Masters custom ONLINE EVENT PLANNING paperless planning system, all of your event information can be easily accessed and edited/updated from any computer or mobile device (phone/tablet) at anytime, 24/7!

  • Music Request list (let us know what songs you want us to play at your event)
  • Make an online (secure) PAYMENT (we accept all major credit cards or PayPal)
  • Planning Form (use our planning forms to help us understand more about your event)
  • Event Timeline (Map out the timeline of events: Introductions, Meal, Toasts, Dances, etc.)
  • Most Popular Song Titles (all eras) (Review our up-to-date music lists: Current music (all types), 80’s, 90s, etc)
  • Select and listen to samples of songs (via iTunes)
Video Dance Party Events – Add MUSIC VIDEOS to your event!


See details on our PHOTO BOOTH with Green Screen and Video Messaging

We Now offer a complete line of LED multicolor up-lighting effects and trusses.



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Music Video Dance Parties

As an added service to our Disc Jockey services, we can play your favorite MUSIC VIDEOS on a large projection screen and/or video monitors. Party Masters Entertainment has the most extensive library of music videos on DVD. Our digital music video library consists of over 50,000 music video files, which includes all of the most popular music videos from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s and the current music of today’s era! View photos of our Video Dance parties below. Music Categories for Video:

  • Pop/Top40 (Mainstream/Dance & Club)
  • Urban
  • Rock
  • Alternative/Modern Rock
  • Country
  • Latin
  • Retro/Disco
  • Classics

Additional equipment/service fees apply.

Karaoke – Sing-Along!

Add Karaoke to your Disc Jockey services – It’s a blast! You and your guests can test out the vocal skills in front of everyone singing along to the thousands of instrumental titles in our Karaoke music library. We’ll bring the TV monitor so you can see the lyrics and the microphones too. We’ll even bring the music books so you and your guests can pick their favorite tune to sing! Additional equipment/service fees apply.

Selecting Your DJ Service

The professionalism and the music is the MOST IMPORTANT part of any event. If your entertainment service is inadequate and/or inexperienced (music selections, volume level, equipment, lighting, appearance, etc.) your party will be a failure! It’s a fact; shopping for an entertainment service at the cheapest price will directly affect all of the other services. Services that you spent your valuable time and money to hire. The caterer’s responsibility is food and beverage service. The photographer’s responsibility is to record the activities not to dictate the timing or the sequence of events. The DJ’s responsibility is to make certain that the timing of events is prompt, and with elegance and enthusiasm enrich the emotional vibe of the occasion. No matter how good the other services are, if the entertainment is sub-par and inexperienced, all services will be affected. With poor communication and questionable music selections, the timing of the events will be off and psychologically your food and drinks will not taste as good. The photographer and/or videographer will have trouble capturing smiling faces and the true emotions of the day.

Not to mention, all of the money you spent for the venue, decorations and other incidentals along the way. At the end of the day the majority of guests will leave the event early and the expectations of the day will have fallen short.

Do Your Homework

We suggest you get references and written feedback from past events. Without question, the entertainment that you hire will ultimately determine the success or failure of your event.

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Hiring a DJ in Arizona

Hiring a DJ service for your events, parties and special occasions is your one way of making a difference to your special occasions. This will assure you of making the events a meaningful and very special occasion. So you can hire a DJ service that fits your service type. The following tips are the best way to hire a DJ service and find the right DJ service for your event.


  • In hiring a DJ service, it is best if the disc jockey you’re dealing with has liability insurance. This is to assure that you or your guests have security in case any unplanned incident takes place.
  • Make sure you hire a DJ service that is reliable, versatile disc jockey service, and one who is willing to play songs according to you and your guests’ request.
  • A professional disc jockey always updates their equipment and DJ music library. Take note, having the right professional DJ equipment will help you in providing an exceptional event.
  • Although we don’t expect for problems to happen, it is nice if we make sure that the disc jockey company you are hiring, has back up equipment or back up disc jockeys in case troubles erupt or there are emergencies during the event.
  • It’s always a good idea, when hiring a DJ service, to make sure they do not charge you for setting up and breaking down the equipment. Plus, make sure they do not charge extra for traveling to and from your event (unless it is a long drive outside the general city limits).


Hiring a DJ for your event!

Wondering how will you make your wedding day unforgettable? Then, don’t think of anything else but the Phoenix Arizona wedding DJ. The Phoenix Arizona wedding DJ is a professional person that can best handle your wedding needs. From the wedding preparation to the reception and entertainment thereafter, Phoenix Arizona wedding DJ is sure to make your wedding day the best among the rest.

Phoenix Arizona Wedding Disc Jockeys

The Phoenix Arizona wedding disc jockeys know that the events and affairs that you hold are very special and most especially, unforgettable. Be it wedding anniversary, birthday party, balls and proms, or corporate events,Phoenix Arizona wedding disc jockeys can take care of them all for you. When you choose Phoenix Arizona wedding disc jockeys to work for you, you are choosing the most reliable partner to give you optimum entertainment at your event that you will surely never forget.

Hiring a Budget DJ That’s Within Your Budget

The rates of Budget DJ service varies, depending upon the expertise, quality of service, talent, hosting ability, equipment, and music. Rates of a budget DJ service may range from as low as $500 to as high as $5,000, depending on the additional services and equipment you want. Most disc jockeys, however, charge an average $1,000 for every 4 hours of booking. It doesn’t mean that when you get the best price you also get quality service and sound. Be very careful when choosing and hiring any budget DJ services at rock bottom prices; some might be unable to give you quality entertainment and music that you are expecting. Wedding couples agree that they’d rather spend more money in hiring disc jockey, and making it their number one priority. But then, careful research will give you to a quality budget DJ at quality prices. Again, hiring a budget DJ service depends on your event type how important the music is at your event. A full service disc jockey service team normally gives 6-10 hours for a typical event that they work for you preparing for your event, but it only appears that you are paying for 4 hours, since that is the time they perform for you. A good DJ service should help you with rehearsing to give an excellent performance and provide your guests the entertainment that they truly want.

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