Get everyone involved at your next event with Karaoke! Sing your favorite songs and share your vocal talent, Karaoke style! Who knows, you might find that next American Idol! Great fun and entertainment for all ages – It’s a blast!

Party Masters can add Karaoke to your party for any occasion. You and your guests can test out their singing voice in front of everyone, while belting out their favorite songs from the thousands of instrumental titles in our Karaoke music library. We will supply the TV monitor so you can see the lyrics and the microphones to use to sing your selected songs. The instrumental music track and “singers’ voice” will be played through our on-site complete DJ sound system. Just tell us what you want to sing, and we will play it, from our library of over 50,000 karaoke files from the 50s to today’s songs.

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Karaoke Music Library

Our Karaoke music library covers the biggest most-popular hit songs from any era and genre of music from the 50’s through today.


Karaoke Music Genres:

  • Top 40 hits
  • Dance Hits
  • R&B/Urban
  • Rock
  • Country
  • 50’s
  • 60’s
  • 70’s
  • 80’s
  • 90’s
  • 2000’s +
  • Standards
  • Broadway shows
  • Latin / Spanish
  • Gospel/Christian
  • Children’s Music
  • Holiday Music
  • Specialty Songs
  • Your Favorites


What You Get

Party Masters will bring out and manage a complete professional Karaoke system including all of the following items:

  • Our Professional Karaoke equipment
  • Karaoke music Library consisting of over 50,000 titles (online and offline)
  • Flat screen monitor on portable stand (to view lyrics)
  • TWO Professional wireless microphones

Our Prices

*Our prices start as low as $150 for the Karaoke system, including a microphone, monitor, and our complete music library.

Hiring us for Karaoke services in Arizona is simple!

Call us at 480-947-6500 or email us now to talk to one of our Party Masters Entertainment Karaoke team members. If you have any questions, we will answer them and get karaoke to your event!

*Karaoke is an add-on (option) to our DJ services. Meaning, you must hire us for our DJ/MC services to include our karaoke system, since it’s additional equipment we connect to our mixer and speakers.


What is Karaoke?

By definition, Karaoke is the use of a device that plays instrumental accompaniments to songs with the vocal tracks removed, permitting the user to sing the lead. Karaoke apparently first appeared in the amusement quarter of Kobe, Japan, where it became popular among businessmen in the late 1970s. It gained widespread popularity in the U.S. in the late 1980s. It is usually featured at bars, where patrons can perform on a stage and sing popular hits by reading lyrics electronically displayed on a monitor. A video film often accompanies the music.

Usually, a recorded popular song consists of vocals and accompaniment. Music tapes in which only the accompaniment is recorded were named “karaoke.”

The Japanese word, KARAOKE, stems from the words kara (空), meaning “empty” (as is Karate “empty hand”) and oke which is short for ōkesutora, meaning “orchestra”. The words together make a contraction literally meaning “empty orchestra”. This terminology used to be a slang term in media where a “live” performance is substituted by a pre-recorded music and thus it is written in katakana. “Karaoke” can be interpreted as “virtual orchestra” because one can specify a key to the music and start singing along without the presence of a live band or orchestra.
“Karaoke” is now listed not only in Japanese dictionaries but also in the latest edition of The Oxford English Dictionary published in England, one of the most distinguished and formal English dictionaries, proving the word has become common throughout the world. Oxford English Dictionary published in England, one of the most distinguished and formal English dictionaries, proving the word has become common throughout the world.

Where did Karaoke originate from?

It is now widely recognized that the use of karaoke started at a snack bar in Kobe City. It is said that when a strolling guitarist could not come to perform at the bar due to illness or other reasons, the owner of the bar prepared tapes of accompaniment recordings, and vocalists enjoyed singing to the tapes. Even though it is only legend, this might have been the beginning of karaoke, and since then, karaoke has been commercialized and has become popular all over Japan and now in America.

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